Hair Transplant Growth Timeline Stages

stages of hair transplant growth timeline

Don’t forget to learn about the hair transplant growth timeline, so you can understand all benefits of this procedure. Hair transplantation is recommended for all people who have bald problems. You will never have to deal with any bald issues, especially after having this procedure done completely.

It is important to realize that you should have some of these timeline stages, so you can complete this procedure properly. When this procedure is done correctly, you are going to stimulate your hair growth quickly. You can have thick and healthy hair quickly without having any problems. Here are several stages of hair growth after hair transplant.

Common Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

a. First 1 – 4 Weeks

This is the most important stage in your hair transplant growth timeline. You are going to notice that the swelling and painful feeling is decreasing from time to time. The numbness feeling is going to decrease slowly. You will also notice that the hair shedding process takes place. It is a normal situation when the transplanted grafts enter the dormant phase.

b. 2 – 5 Months

In this period, you are going to notice very fine hairs on your scalp. Your hair starts to grow quickly in this period. You will look like a baby because you only have short hair on your head. However, you should not worry about this situation. It is a perfect time for you to regain your healthy hair. You should take a good care of your hair by using high quality shampoo.

c. After 6 Months

Most good hair transplantation procedures only require about 6 months for growing your hair back. At this time, you are able to notice the recovery process on your scalp. It is recommended for you to meet your surgeon, so you can discuss about your next step. Although this can be the final step of your hair transplantation procedure, you can still continue the process for re-growing your hair back quickly.

Learn More About Hair Transplant Regrowth Timeline

After you know about this timeline, you may want to learn more about this procedure. Hair transplantation can be a perfect solution for you who have hair loss issues. You will be able to grow your hair back quickly when you have this procedure done completely.

Don’t forget to choose the right surgeon for doing this procedure. There are some hair transplant surgeons who have a lot of experience in this industry. You can read some good reviews about your favorite surgeons before selecting your favorite one. It is also important to learn about the hair transplant growth timeline, so you can get all benefits from this procedure.